Practicing Meditations - coachuwellness

Mindful life practices including meditation have been one of the most valuable tools to positively impact my wellbeing. Constantly replaying the day’s problems and fears and concerns were commonplace in my life.

“Controlling your attention as you meditate can help you feel more relaxed and at peace. And this peacefulness often lasts far beyond the meditation itself. So when stress appears hours later, you have the means to redirect it.” University of Rochester 

One of the early barriers to regular meditation for me was the length of guided meditations and the silence during guided messages. To overcome this barrier, I have created meditations as a FREE resource that you can use now.

They are:
  • Accessible
  • Short
  • Most have relaxing music track

Explore the meditations below that I have recorded that you can use throughout your day.

Remember you can also immerse yourself with a FREE course on meditations that demonstrate and explain the different types: FREE MINDFULNESS MEDITATION COURSE