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    Opening again during September, 2021


    Welcome everyone. I am really excited to share details about the beyond burnout program.

    I am Mary Mangos, Psychologist and Founder of Coachuwellness. My professional career began in Learning and development. I have been working with individuals, leaders and staff to improve wellbeing since 2001. I found myself suffering the early stages of Burnout recently and I have been making great progress getting back to my best.

    What is burnout?

    Burnout is a silent epidemic that existed before the pandemic and has been made worse since.

    When we are getting through our day’s demands and they start to exceed our capacity we have a problem. It’s easy in the constant juggle of life for burnout to occur. 

    Did you know? 

    (4/30–5/04) 6,789 responses: 61% of professionals were burnt out in February, that number has risen to 73% (2020).

    Burnout is NOT just a specifically job-related phenomenon a fundamental cause is unresolvable stress that is chronic in frequency and intensity 

    Source: Bianchi, Renzo & Truchot, Didier & Laurent, Eric & Brisson, Romain & Schonfeld, Irvin. (2014). Is burnout solely job-related? A critical comment. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology. 55. 357-361. 10.1111/sjop.12119. 

    It can be caused by problems at work and also appear in other areas of our life such parenting, taking care of elderly family, and our personal relationships. It can be painful to experience and watch a loved one struggle with burnout, especially because it’s rarely possible for you to address the root causes yourself. And it impacts our emotions, our minds and physically through exhaustion.


    If you feel right now or have felt that in the past that your optimism is waning and you have common stress symptoms. In particular, this program has been designed for individuals who have had or want to avoid the experience of stage 2 of burnout.

    In stage 2 you might be experiencing:

    2.1 job dissatisfaction

    2.2 work inefficiency, including avoiding making necessary decisions, "losing" stuff at work (even on your desk!), etc.

    2.3 fatigue (a general fatigue, often accompanied by deep muscle fatigue)

    2.4 sleep disturbances (often that you are so "busy" in your head that you can't get to sleep)

    2.5 escapist activities of choice (including eating, drinking, smoking, zoning out in front of the TV, etc.


    The Beyond Burnout Program includes:

    Daily tips for 28 days to support your energy, clarity and calm, including a downloadable a summary of all of the 28 tips

    Access to additional articles and resources

    Support via private facebook group


      Our first program commenced during May 2021. Here is a sample of feedback:

      • The course was incredible and it is sad that it's come to an end. 
      • I can honestly say... Every day brought me a sense of.. Being.
      • All the daily tips were easy to either introduce or to work on more in my day-to-day life.



      The VISION for my online learning school is 

      to support you to learn at your pace, 

      with engaging short courses 

      to enhance your wellbeing, flourish, find more happiness and calm.

      I want to give you full control over your learning, at your pace and accessing coursework as often you might require or enjoy.  Learning online like this allows you to use your time more efficiently and is an affordable option to support you to make positive change with your wellbeing.

      I often struggled in the past to access and complete programs when I had to juggle my professional and personal commitments with my personal development. As a naturally introverted person, I often look for options that allow me to work at my pace in my time. I enjoy taking the time to consider and reflect. This is part of my learning style. If this is you, you will appreciate the online learning experience.

      Our learning school offers a variety of learning content including courses with videos with workbooks and short webinars that allow you to easily stop and reflect and even come back to it whenever you require.

      Watch our video welcome message here:

      Online learning - coachuwellness

      Explore our course catalogue where we have short courses and webinars here:

      Course Catalogue - coachuwellness

      We are pleased to share with you our FREE course and paid courses. See below for a sample of courses to begin your wellbeing journey:

      E-Learning delivery information

      • These modules are delivered via the Coachuwellness School at Learnworlds -
      • Each module will contain learning videos, powerpoint slides, reflection, activities and resource links
      • Organisations can request vouchers to be purchased for the number of staff that require access
      • A feedback survey is included as part of each e- learning module
      • You have full control over the learning environment
      • You can access the modules at your own pace
      • Course notes and other resources are available for download with each paid course