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Now more than ever is the time for us to be proactive about creating small moments of happiness and calm in our days. Especially given the findings in psychology research that show us how positive emotions can undo the effects of stress and support our focus and productivity.

We are proud to have created this series to support the wellbeing of your staff and organisation.

Workshops and Webinars are hosted using Zoom technology:

  •  A maximum of agreed participants per webinar to allow for effective session engagement
  • Webinars can be viewed via Zoom Desktop or Mobile App

During the webinar and workshop:

  • slides, videos, audio and activities will be used during the presentation
  • participants will be invited to interact regularly with Q&A, polling, chats and activities throughout the webinar
  • participants can communicate privately or openly to the facilitator

At the end of the presentation:

  • participants are invited to complete a brief survey
  • feedback and a participant list will be emailed to stakeholders 
  • participants will be emailed a copy of a workbook or PDF webinar notes


1. Navigating Your Resilience: Fuelling Up For The Journey Ahead

  • 90 minute webinar

Being resilient involves both finding resources within and outside ourselves, as well as using them in response to different needs.

Download this PDF to learn more about the content and your facilitators here.

2. Building Resilience to Support Your Needs

  • 3 hour workshop
Take a deep dive into the world of resilience, relying on the latest evidence and science. You will explore both internal and external processes of resilience, and learn to navigate your own resilience to meet your needs.

Testimonials - Your Facilitators - Psychologist Mary Mangos and Dr. Jenny Liu:

  • Mary Mangos:
    • "Mary was amazing - I feel the best presentation I have seen."
    • "It is needed, especially as we transition back into the office and out of COVID."
  • Jenny Liu
    • "Interesting, organised and succinct tonight. Thank you. 
    • It was really one of our best webinars because of your work and presentation skills"
  • Download this PDF to learn more about the content and your facilitators here.

3. Developing Emotional Flexibility to Embrace Change and Thrive

- Available as a workshop and webinar

Being emotionally flexible can support us to adapt and increases our tolerance for challenge and stress.

Learn more about the importance of emotional flexibility, your stress response, how to enhance your awareness and acceptance, plus more strategies and tips that can make a positive difference.


  • "I have got so much out of today's session. I could have done this all day long."
  • "Great session. Knowledgeable presenter"
  • "Plenty of time to think and to contribute"

4. Positive Psychology - supporting productivity and thriving at work

In this workshop we introduce the science of positive psychology and its key pillars.  Research and strategies are explored to support productivity and thrive at work. It will focus on skills and strategies to cultivate their resilience, reduce stress and increase their calm and focus when at work.

Information is based on positive psychology research, science and positive psychology world congress presentations. Examples of sources include:

  • 10 Keys to Happier Living, by Vanessa King, Headline Publishing Group, 2016
  • Positivity, by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson, Oneworld publications, Oxford, 2011
  • Positive Leadership, by Kim Cameron, Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2011

This workshop cultivates positive psychology knowledge and practices.

Participants are provided with course notes.

This program is delivered as a 2-hour workshop exploring:

  • What is positive psychology, it’s aims and key pillars
  • Global research on happiness, psychological health, optimism, kindness and gratitude
  • Exploring and practicing strategies to support productivity and thrive
    • Positive communication and feedback
    • Positive and resilient relationships
    • Creating a positive environment
  • Developing an action plan that can make a positive difference 

5. Transcend Your Wellbeing

Webinar – 90-minute duration

As we continue to navigate uncertainty, we are also faced with the opportunity to reset how we live and our wellbeing. Do you feel that you have little agency in your life? Do you feel that things just happen. Do you feel that what happens just happens? 

Let this webinar support you to influence your life, your thinking and your behaviours. To feel inspired to create a life where we can BE in our life and BE Well. To have a state of Well-BEing means that we are active, present, engaged in the behaviours and choices that allow us to be at our best. To take actions that support us on being right now, in the moment, not worrying about the past or future.

If you are looking for inspiration, comfort and a practical way forward, consider this webinar. It is based on the book Finding Your Well-Being, the path to happiness, clarity and peace, by Psychologist Mary Mangos. Every participant will receive a copy to continue their wellbeing journey.

The webinar integrates science and wisdom to create powerful steps to cultivate a better day and life and it covers:

  • The state of our wellbeing and how to set your Well-BEing intention
  • Assess and identify key practices to renew your energy zen 
  • Explore a gratitude practice to help you to reset how you see and respond to challenges
  • Understand how affirmations create a mindset primed for positive actions and behaviours
  • Learn the first steps towards spiritual wisdom to understand what you value and what matters to you
  • Developing an action plan where you choose practices that meet your priorities and support you to live well 

Let this webinar support you to nourish yourself towards a happier and healthier life.